Waiting Room

Cloud native infrastructure for virtual waiting rooms & consultations.

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The OX. Waiting Room liberates patients from the frustration of travelling, parking and sitting in a crowded waiting room to see a clinical specialist.

COVID may have accelerated the adoption of online services, but the bar has already been set in many other sectors so that patients’ expectations of streamlined, easy to use front end services are high.

The healthcare sector can seem clumsy, complex and frustrating in comparison. Integrated cloud native infrastructure is the solution to this, providing real savings in time and money, improved security and a transformed user experience.

"OX.Waiting Room transformed the patient experience and dramatically improved our efficiency. It delivers the type of digital experience that patients expect and has resulted in higher overall satisfaction."

- The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Engages patients on appointment setting

Cloud native, intuitive user interface

Increasingly patients are experienced online consumers, perceiving legacy healthcare systems as restrictive and frustrating. OX. Waiting Room increases patient engagement through cloud native simplified appointment setting with smooth patient consent and information gathering processes. Ahead of appointments, reminders reduce no-shows and waiting room software notifies patients automatically of delays so that meetings start when everyone is actually ready.

Virtual consultations - either in a 1-1 or group setting - use Microsoft Team’s secure video conferencing platform with all the benefits of reduced travel and convenience for both patients and healthcare teams.


Connects multiple systems

Seamless integration with legacy systems

By taking appointments online, OX. Waiting Room enables any delays to be notified in real time, and meetings start when everyone is actually ready – with electronic health records in place. What’s more, Teams’ secure video conferencing and transcription services make the follow-up even smoother. 


Patient follow up

Working together with you, we can build a better future.
  • By taking appointments online, OX. Waiting Room enables any delays to be notified in realtime
  • Meetings start when everyone is actually ready – with electronic health
  • Records in place, Teams’ secure video conferencing and transcription

Ensuring privacy and data security

Secure by design

Healthcare data is by its very nature, sensitive. Given there is a wider perception that online healthcare is insecure, data security has been integral to the development of OX. Waiting Room.

By using open APIs and by leveraging Microsoft’s technology and standards around identity and cloud management, OX. Waiting Room complies with the highest security standards and FHIR healthcare standards.

Partnering with Microsoft & Oxford University

Our founders have enabled technology to break down silos, unleash productivity and creativity in finance, government and national security. We believe it’s time for healthcare to enjoy those benefits.

Uniquely, we start with usability and design-thinking, co-creating with clinicians.

We believe that you should never again be locked into a software vendor. That open standards and full programmatic APIs will support an independent, vibrant healthcare IT ecosystem.

Together with Microsoft we deliver a significant portion of the functionality required within a clinic or hospital by building open APIs using microservices. Additional services connect through our APIs to power seamless, frictionless healthcare services.