Patient Consent

Paperless, secure, consistent and 100% cloud native patient consent.

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OX. Patient Consent streamlines the often complex, costly and time consuming process of gaining informed patient consent.

Paperless, secure, consistent and 100% cloud native. 

Informed patient consent is a critical point in a patient's healthcare journey, ensuring there is a shared understanding of the legal and medical implications of any treatment or procedure.  

This is not, however, a straightforward process for hospitals and clinics to administer particularly if multiple consents are required across different legacy systems.  OX. Patient Consent streamlines this into a single online portal so that patients can consider their options, using relevant additional information and resources from home, ahead of time.  

"OX. Patient Consent is a force multiplier: targeted patient information upfront, digitally shared throughout treatment and integrated with our research efforts equals fully informed patients, organised healthcare and powerful research capabilities.​"

UK Brain BioLink’s chief investigator at the University of Oxford

Simple one-off capture of a patient's informed consent

Cloud native, intuitive user interface

OX. Patient Consent simplifies the consent process by pre-populating forms with patient data and relevant information and standardising information collection.  Sharing of consent forms is instantaneous to all treatment partners.   In this way OX. Patient Consent reduces errors and duplication while improving efficiency.

Our cloud native patient consent platform exceeds regulatory requirements.  It is able to consolidate and integrate data from multiple legacy systems into a single, seamless patient experience.  


The true cost of patient consent

More than just form filling

Patient consent is a costly process.  The obvious cost to the healthcare provider is time to prepare each consent, collate supporting materials, printing, postage and storage.  There are also costs when things don't go to plan - errors, being unable to collect payments or use data for research purposes.   More than that, there are costs to patients, their time and understanding at  a moment of stress.

By streamlining and standardising information and consent processes, OX. Patient Consent cuts all these costs - human, legal and financial.  It provides both a return on investment and greater patient satisfaction.    


For patients

Removing stress and improving understanding
  • An online survey collects patient information ahead of time
  • Video or other educational content about the procedure is integrated into the consent process
  • Digital signature and survey data is stored and shared instantly 

Scaleable and secure

Secure by design

The OX. Digital Health platform uses scalable Microsoft infrastructure and leverages its standards around identity and cloud management.  Patient consent is confidental and our security protocols ensure that it remains that way.

OX. Patient Consent complies with the highest security standards and FHIR healthcare standards.

Partnering with Microsoft & Oxford University

Our founders have enabled technology to break down silos, unleash productivity and creativity in finance, government and national security. We believe it’s time for healthcare to enjoy those benefits.

Uniquely, we start with usability and design-thinking, co-creating with clinicians.

We believe that you should never again be locked into a software vendor. That open standards and full programmatic APIs will support an independent, vibrant healthcare IT ecosystem.

Together with Microsoft we deliver a significant portion of the functionality required within a clinic or hospital by building open APIs using microservices. Additional services connect through our APIs to power seamless, frictionless healthcare services.