100% Cloud native health infrastructure for clinics, surgeries and hospitals.

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The OX.DH suite is designed to make the administrative framework needed to run healthcare services invisible to its users.

Online, 100% cloud native services that are easy and intuitive to use by patients, clinicians and admin teams.

Connecting to other services provided by trusted third parties, using APIs and a microservice architecture, we wrap around legacy systems to create a consistent way to access healthcare data, appointments, tests and prescriptions, stored securely in the cloud.

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The technology challenge that confronts the healthcare industry is legacy systems.

Organisations waste huge amounts of their precious budget just to keep old, isolated systems working. When these legacy systems are “upgraded” to deliver a digital experience they struggle to partially retrofit the capabilities and security delivered by a 100% cloud system.

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Driving efficiencies and patient care

Everyday millions of patient records are rekeyed from one system to another, wasting the time of clinicians and creating needless risk to patient health and security. Cloud based systems remove this problem, creating innovative patient pleasing experiences.

Technology has unleashed productivity and creativity in finance, government and national security. There’s no reason why healthcare providers should be locked into a software vendor or lag behind other sectors that share common challenges in data security and accessibility.

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Why healthcare providers choose OX.DH

Our founders have enabled technology to break down silos, unleash productivity and creativity in Finance, Government and National Security. We believe it’s time for Healthcare to enjoy those benefits.

  • Diversity delivers powerful perspectives
  • Open standards develop customers, not hostages
  • Support standards today & continuously improve
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Improved access

With OX,DH, patients can securely access the care they need, accompanied by their health records.

Clinics, surgeries and hospitals save time and money by seamlessly accessing disjointed islands of data and siloed technology, providing a more comprehensive view of the patient. Members of the care team can access critical healthcare data anytime, anywhere, knowing that access is secure by design.


The OX.DH Solution

Our services can be used as a standalone solution or to wrap around existing legacy systems to improve what you already use.

Uniquely we start with usability and design-thinking, co-creating the solution with clinicians to put patients at the heart of the project. Resilience security and privacy are baked in from the beginning. By developing software in an agile way, we use open standards everywhere - this allows us to grow the depth and breadth of services, in step with your evolving requirements.

Our platform is based on open APIs using microservices. Leveraging Microsoft’s technology and standards around identity and cloud management, the OX.DH suite complies to the highest security standards and FHIR healthcare open standards.