General Practice

An integrated, online solution for GPs and wider healthcare services.

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Transforming GP surgery interactions into a modern, seamless experience. 

OX. General Practice provides everyone involved in patient care access to shared information and an array of integrated consultation options.

IT systems should make GP surgeries run smoothly. With the twin challenges of a growing,  ageing population and a COVID backlog, never has it been more important that IT systems work for clinical teams, not against them.

OX. General Practice does exactly that - providing a modern, user experience that is easy and intuitive to use.  Within a single interface, it includes consultation options from online to in person, in groups or 1-1 and integrates with wider treatment aspects including referrals, patient consent and dispensary services. 

"Working with the OX.DH team in developing the GP platform has been both immensely productive and a joy. The platform provides a single system for all aspects of patient care, transforming business practice and improving services delivery and patient outcomes​"

DoctorNow CEO

Empowers patients

Trusted tools that work

GP surgeries have had to make significant and rapid changes to the way they work due to COVID and this is not going away.  Despite all this change, healthcare still lags behind other sectors, like financial services, in the way IT systems have transformed the ‘user’ experience.   Patients increasingly expect a better service, and are frustrated by difficulties in booking appointments and the disjointed routes into other other services. 

OX. General Practice allows patients to engage more fully with their treatment. It gives patients access to their own data, an easy to access appointment booking system that also talks to their mobile phone.


Liberates clinical staff

Simple, efficient, familiar

Clinical teams know full well that their systems and processes are lagging behind other industries but the problem is how to streamline the complexity that exists from a web of legacy systems across the NHS.  

OX. General Practice is 100% cloud native and built using open APIs.  This means it wraps around existing legacy systems providing an integrated and modern interface for both clinicians and patients.  It includes optimised workflows & automation with real time data capture increasing efficiency and providing data to inform service decisions. 

The use of industry leading tools through our partnership with Microsoft helps to ensure adoption and engagement by everyone that uses it.  It has a level of flexible functionality that’s easy and intuitive to use.  Training new staff to use systems or transferring systems can be hugely disruptive but the familiarity of Microsoft reduces this. 


Integrates across systems

Streamlining healthcare

OX. General Practice has the capability to not only streamline GP admin, but to integrate with wider healthcare systems and services like pharmacy, patient consent and hospital referrals.

Patients have better information on which to base their healthcare decisions and self-care, and surgeries can respond more quickly because they are no longer navigating multiple, clunky, integrated systems.




Scaleable and secure

Secure by design

Our development team includes cyber security experts because we know online security is a huge concern.  OX. General Practice is secure-by-design with information governance and clinical safety as standard.  It adheres to Clinical Risk Management Standards, CyberEssentials+ and DPST3 ‘exceeds standards’ and utilises Microsoft Azure, a reliable & scalable platform that is  GDPR compliant.

As a cloud based platform it is easy to integrate, deploy and expand functionality as new features are launched.  And as your GP or community health practice expands (or contracts), it is easy to expand and scale or resize your requirements.  No costly new systems required.

OX. General Practice complies with the highest security standards and FHIR healthcare standards.

Partnering with Microsoft & Oxford University

Our founders have enabled technology to break down silos, unleash productivity and creativity in finance, government and national security. We believe it’s time for Healthcare to enjoy those benefits.

Uniquely, we start with usability and design-thinking, co-creating with clinicians.

We believe that you should never again be locked into a software vendor. That open standards and full programmatic APIs will support an independent, vibrant healthcare IT ecosystem.

Together with Microsoft we deliver a significant portion of the functionality required within a clinic or hospital by building open APIs using microservices. Additional services connect through our APIs to power seamless, frictionless healthcare services.