Assisted Reproduction

Cloud native infrastructure for assisted reproduction clinics.

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Despite huge medical advances in assisted reproduction patients are repeatedly let down by the sector’s complex, disconnected systems.

Clinicians waste a huge amount of time using legacy systems where data is siloed and often needs copying from one place to another.

With a 100% cloud first integrated IT system, this wasted time is won back empowering clinicians to spend more time with patients. This leads to improved care and better outcomes; with clinicians and couples considerably more at ease.

The complicated circumventions clinicians are required to perform greatly increases threats to privacy and data security.

Legacy systems and many off the shelf platforms are even less fit for purpose in a post COVID world. The result is that many clinics rely on paper, insecure work arounds and rekeying data all of which increase the risk of erroneous data entry and data breaches.

OX. Assisted Reproduction is the cloud platform built specifically to allow clinicians to follow best practices wherever they practice.

Our founders have decades of experience in assisted reproductive medicine, working in private practice and advising the UK government and the WHO.

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Assisted reproduction is a highly regulated environment, yet systems are unintegrated with regulatory bodies

Compliance is key to the assisted reproduction process, yet most IT systems aren’t set up to integrate with the regulatory bodies and compliance becomes yet another point of friction for clinics. Uniquely developed with leading clinicians in the sector, OX. Assisted Reproduction utilises open standards to securely connect and synchronise with the regulatory bodies now, and in future.


Infertility is a growing problem and patients expect a sophisticated, personal and secure experience.

Patients and clinicians have become to simple interfaces like Netflix and Amazon yet they are presented with archaic, shaky-looking legacy systems when it comes to assisted reproduction. OX.DH leaned on our founders experience in the sector to produce a high end, secure system that echoes the sophistication modern facilities demand.


Enda McVeigh

Enda is Associate Professor in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Oxford. He has successfully developed several start-up companies including Ashdale Care (2002) which became the largest private provider of Residential Children’s Care in Ireland.

He also developed The Fertility Partnership (2010) which became the biggest provider of IVF in the UK with additional centres in Poland. In 2010 Enda also established a teaching, research and clinical centre in Shanghai as Joint Venture between Oxford University, Tongji University and his IVF company, Oxford Fertility. In 2017 Enda initiated the Oxford University Clinic which formed a Joint Venture with The Mayo Clinic.