Virtual Clinic

The cloud native system connecting patients, clinicians and data seamlessly.

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Wraps around existing systems to remove the friction from healthcare administration & appointment booking.

Appointment booking is a breeze for patients and during consultations, OX. Virtual Clinic delivers the data clinicians need to run a successful consultation - online or in real life.

Most patients find booking an appointment a difficult and stressful process, even more so when they have to book multiple appointments across different departments as their treatment develops.

This frustration is echoed in the clinician experience - requiring logging in to multiple databases, referring to bits of paper and then updating each after the consultation.

Using lessons learned in the finance sector, OX. Virtual Clinic joins the data dots to provide a sophisticated experience for patients and liberates clinicians from the drudgery of administrative tasks.

A secure, single source of truth

Using APIs and microservice architecture, OX. Virtual Clinic consolidates disparate software and legacy systems into one cohesive view.

Healthcare facilities are burdened with complex ecosystems of different vendors, software and processes. Many “cloud based” providers transplant bits of systems into the cloud but most have only delivered a Frankenstein’s Monster of a solution.

OX. Virtual Clinic is 100% cloud native, and is unique in that it will move your entire ecosystem to the cloud. It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to one or all products within the OX.DH suite, if you already use Microsoft or other vendors, we’ll wrap your legacy systems into our platform and deliver a single source of truth about your patients.


Simple appointment booking

Connecting data sources across the facility delivers a standardised appointment booking process, removing stress for patients and administrative teams.

Your patients want a simple system to book appointments. Some of them aren’t tech savvy and for these people an intuitive journey is essential. Those patients that are digital natives expect a sophisticated, friction free service. The appointment booking system you’re currently using was built to make life easy for the software, not for the patient. You compound this issue by having different booking journeys for different departments - all requiring different logins and often for the patient to bring their own records to the appointment.

OX. Virtual Clinic delivers the simple, seamless online journey people have come to expect from the likes of Amazon and Netflix. One interface for all departments, intuitively asking the right questions of the patient and connecting with your existing systems to book the appointment and provide the clinician with all the data required, all in good time.


Virtual and in person consultations use the same system

Clinicians no longer need to hop between systems when they end a face to face consultation and move to a virtual session. OX. Virtual Clinic enables clinicians to become familiar with just one piece of software - not the many, from different vendors with different processes they have to use today.

Healthcare professionals dedicate years of education and their working lives to the wellbeing of others and then their employer requires that they spend most of their time sorting out admin. OX. Virtual Clinic takes what has worked brilliantly in the financial industry and migrates it to healthcare - the platform is 100% cloud native so rather than having to learn how to use two clunky systems, one for virtual and one for in person consultations, your clinicians only need to use one. It doesn’t matter what other systems you have in place - we’ll wrap them all into OX. Virtual Clinic, so your clinicians can spend more time doing what they love.


Security, scalability and reliability

OX. Virtual Clinic is built on the Azure platform, in partnership with Microsoft.

We use open standards because we believe you should never again be tied into one vendor. Read more about our choice of partners here.