Patients, not providers, should be at the centre of healthcare provision.

The OX.DH platform sets out to answer a number of questions:

  • Why do patients have to work out different systems and processes to access healthcare services?
  • Why isn’t there a single way to book appointments or order prescriptions?
  • Why do GPs have to navigate different ways to order lab work or refer patients on to specialists?
  • Is sending letters still the best way to do this?
  • Why aren’t medical records shared across the various touch points of a patients’ healthcare journey?
  • Why do patients have to travel and wait in a waiting room for routine healthcare appointments?
  • Why are expensive, highly trained doctors, nurses and healthcare workers spending time navigating complex systems and retyping data?

Making the healthcare system work...

There is an underlying set of systems that are common to these questions and create the infrastructure which makes healthcare systems work: appointments with patients, referrals, requesting tests, ordering prescriptions, managing the patient’s healthcare record etc.


These foundational systems should be invisible, they should be consistent and easy to use for patients, clinicians and admin teams.

By connecting patients, clinicians and data we can transform the way that healthcare services are experienced.

This vision is at the heart of OX.DH.

The front line healthcare workers in our team know that we are a long way from this vision. Legacy systems have created silos of data and workflows within hospitals and between hospitals, clinics and doctors. Frustrating, slow and illogical.

The technology innovators in our team know that this is fixable. Using cloud native technology, open system APIs and microservices it's possible to wrap around legacy systems and provide a seamless, consistent interface. We can provide common and consistent workflows, access to healthcare records and a user experience that is designed around the patient, not around the limitations of a legacy system.

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Diversity delivers powerful perspectives

We are a diverse group of technologists, software executives, frontline healthcare professionals and cyber security experts. Together we have seen technology break down silos, unleash productivity & creativity in sectors like finance and government. We believe that healthcare can share these benefits.

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Open standards develop customers, not hostages

We believe that you should never again be locked into a software vendor. That open standards and full programmatic APIs will support an independent, vibrant healthcare IT ecosystem.

Together with Microsoft we deliver a significant portion of the functionality required within a clinic or hospital by building open APIs using microservices. Additional services connect through our APIs to power seamless, frictionless healthcare services.

Leveraging the University of Oxford’s front line clinical expertise and Microsoft’s technology and standards around identity and cloud management, we comply with the highest security standards and FHIR healthcare open standards

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Support standards today to deliver continuous improvement into the future

Standard processes and intuitive workflows that are consistent wherever you are and that are accessible from any device. Agile, flexible technology that won’t become obsolete. Connecting patients, clinicians and data to drive better patient outcomes. This is our vision.

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Our Values

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We use Open standards, inspired by the collaboration we see around us in Oxford
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We provide access to eXcellent healthcare
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We value Diversity in our team and we work remotely around the world
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We are Humble because we don’t know everything