Flexible, cloud native healthcare services

The OX.DH suite of services are incredibly flexible because we started with usability at their core, working closely with clinicians to design practical, consistent, easy to use systems and processes.

Our services can be used standalone, or to wrap around incumbent software solutions. They can be used vertically within a single medical speciality - like maternity or assisted reproduction - or horizontally as a service like a waiting room.

Because they wrap around existing legacy systems and are cloud based, they scale easily and efficiently. An OX.DH service will deliver benefits to a department, a clinic, a surgery, a hospital or a whole health service.

OX. pregnancy
& maternity

The only single system that simply connects mothers, midwives, clinicians and data.

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OX. waiting

Cloud native infrastructure for virtual waiting rooms & consultations.

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OX. virtual

The cloud native system connecting patients, clinicians and data seamlessly.

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OX. assisted

Cloud native infrastructure for assisted reproduction facilities with one or more branches.

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