Pregnancy & Maternity

The only single system that simply connects mothers, midwives, clinicians and data.

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100% cloud native means we wrap around existing systems and provide a single source of truth, enabling midwives to spend time with their patients instead of multiple administrative systems.

The COVID crisis has forced Pregnancy and Maternity departments to move to a remote appointment model in as many instances, but obviously midwifery can never be fully remote. In-person appointments in most facilities are administered on a wholly separate system to remote appointments which increases risk and wastes the time of clinicians and patients alike.

OX. Pregnancy & Maternity provides a single interface regardless of appointment type and contains all relevant patient data including test results, scans and dates.

"OX. Pregnancy & Maternity will revolutionise the maternity experience - with easy access for parents and streamlined, secure sharing of patient data for the multidisciplinary teams involved through the pregnancy".

One simple system for any appointment

OX. Pregnancy & Maternity simplifies the appointment process by allowing both mother and midwife to use the same system regardless of the type of appointment.

Pregnancy and Maternity departments are weighed down by systems built pre-pandemic. They require midwives and clinicians to use different processes and work arounds for remote appointments.

OX. Pregnancy & Maternity has always been 100% cloud native which means there’s only one way to book, run and follow up on appointments whether those appointments are in person or remote.

Healthcare professionals no longer waste time with systems - they’re freed up to spend more quality time with expectant mothers.


Scans, test results, and all data in one secure place

Using microservice architecture, APIs and open standards, OX. Pregnancy & Maternity midwives have simple, secure access data from any other system in the hospital.

Your midwives require quick, secure access to scans, test results and schedules but often test results are in other systems which they cannot easily access.

With OX. Pregnancy & Maternity, parents have secure access to their information during pregnancy, and beyond.

OX.DH apply the lessons learned from fintech, where disparate systems within banks couldn’t talk to each other, to healthcare. Authorised personnel can access and edit data from many other systems via the OX. Pregnancy & Maternity portal while it remains secure.


Appointments with other clinicians

A single interface for clinicians and patients.

Why does booking an appointment with a different department require so much work for the patient and the midwife? Why is the sharing  of patient notes and scans with other departments such a cumbersome process? Disparate systems and their workarounds have forced humans to do the grunt work, not the IT. At OX.DH we've made it simple. One interface for patients, clinicians - whatever the department.