Why is continuity of care so important in IVF clinics?

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A doctor and patient having a fertility consultation

Continuity of care is a key component in any medical or clinical scenario, but even more so in IVF treatment - a procedure that is both intimate and emotional for everyone involved. Transitioning between different elements of the care process can be tricky for IVF patients but coordinating relationships, management and information can improve the process for all parties. Here are the reasons why continuity of care is so important in IVF clinics.

1. Reduces patient stress

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a single patient or a couple beginning their reproductive journey, IVF is an extremely stressful experience for anyone. Through continuity of care, the process is dealt with sensitively by keeping all medical staff on the same page. 

Digital clinics improve the patient experience by integrating data and giving doctors, nurses and the family access to their case information wherever they are and whenever they need it, helping eliminate miscommunication and promote transparency.

2. Provides a smooth patient experience

One of the reasons IVF is such a tricky procedure is because there are many moving parts to consider as well challenges to overcome. Fertility journeys are rarely straightforward and there are often many setbacks along the way. Patients require a variety of appointments, tests and procedures within a single cycle - and many patients need more than one cycle. Streamlined continuity care will not only help them form steady relationships with their appointed healthcare staff, but it will also avoid a disjointed patient experience.

3. It is more cost-effective

Efficient and well-organised clinical proceedings cost less as there is a reduction in time and resources wasted. The economic benefits of continuity of care ring true for both you as a practice and patients going through an expensive and repetitive procedure like IVF. A 2018 study in The BMJ found that “Strategies that improve the continuity of care in general practice may reduce secondary care costs, particularly for the heaviest users of healthcare”.

4. Procedures are more satisfactory for patients and staff

The same study reported that “Promoting continuity might also improve the experience of patients and those working in general practice.” This supports the well-accepted idea that patients who receive continuity of care generally achieve better healthcare outcomes and report high satisfaction rates, both of which are positive motivators for the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals that work at your clinic.


5. Patients put their trust in you

As mentioned, IVF is generally quite a difficult treatment for people to undergo because of the emotional gamble involved. Offering continuity of care from the moment they book their first appointment all the way to the months after the treatment is complete will inspire trust in your patients: they will know they are investing in high-quality care. This will help elevate you above your competition and give patients a reason to choose you over another clinic who offers a less attentive, less personable service.

Providing your patient with a truly personalised and consistent quality of care depends on doctors and nurses working collaboratively within the clinic and across a multidisciplinary setting. Clinic management software, like OX. Assisted Reproduction allows you to do just that. Having access to all your patients' data in one system equips you with the necessary information to turn up to appointments prepared, knowing what treatments and appointments your patient has had previously with other healthcare professionals so that you can provide them with the best possible care. You can also give your patient the option of remote appointments, giving them more flexibility and control in a vulnerable stage of their life. 

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