OX.DH, Microsoft and Adobe Case Study: Expanding digital consent across the NHS

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We are delighted to share a case study focusing on digital consent across the NHS with Microsoft and Adobe.

“We are enabling shared decision-making between clinicians and patients,” explains Emma Stratful, COO at OX.DH. “OX.DH services support this by empowering patients to take greater agency in their healthcare process, with the ability to manage virtual appointments, fill out paperwork online, and access results at any time through a patient portal.”


  • Empower patients to become involved in healthcare decision making
  • Create a seamless experience during a stressful journey
  • Comply with regulations and reduce risk of errors surrounding healthcare consent
  • Reduce time and costs associated with paperwork


  • Provides visibility into the status of consent processes
  • Eliminates time, travel, and paper expenses associated with consent paperwork
  • Accelerates deployment with cloud native software built on Microsoft Azure
  • Saves 550,000 gallons of water and nearly 200,000 pounds of wood annually by digitising consent

The services are built for fast, easy deployment by taking advantage of Microsoft 365 tenants already in use for many clinics associated with the National Health Service.

Cloud native components are built on Microsoft Azure with open APIs. Adobe Acrobat Sign adds cloud e-signature capabilities and Microsoft 365 offers document management capabilities required for obtaining patient consent.

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