OX.DH and Microsoft Working Together

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Clinicians on a video conference using Microsoft Teams & OX.DH

Why reinvent the wheel?  When we started to develop OX.DH as an idea it quickly became apparent that there were a number of excellent technologies already in existence that could be utilised and not reinvented - including Microsoft Azure and the 365 tools.

Microsoft is our partner for a good reason.  Their solutions are robust, secure, widely implemented and industry leading.  From the start we have used Microsoft cloud technologies to build our solutions, making them more flexible and scalable than traditional healthcare systems. 

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, OX.DH was recently featured as a Customer Story.  Read more about how we've used Microsoft cloud technologies to create improved experiences for patients and clinicial teams. 

Making Microsoft Teams the hub for healthcare: Creating improved experiences for patients and clinicians


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